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Анонсы конференций


‘’World Congress on GIS and Remote Sensing’
August 01-03, 2016
New Orleans, USA

The conference highlights the theme "Strategies expanding on GIS: Making sense of remote sensing".
GIS-2016 is a three day event consisting of scientific program, comprehensive talks, special sessions, oral and poster presentations of peer-reviewed contributed papers and exciting and innovative research products which can be exhibited for further development of GIS and Remote Sensing.
Kindly have a glance on our scientific sessions through the link: http://gis-remotesensing.conferenceseries.com/scientific-program/

4th Annual International Forum on Water

4th Annual International Forum on Water
11th July 2016 to 14th July 2016
Greece , Athens

Website: http://www.atiner.gr/water

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), will hold its 4th Annual International Forum on Water, 11-14 July 2016, Athens, Greece. The aim of the conference is bring together academics and researchers from all scientific subject areas who have done work on Water such as Biology, Life Sciences, and Environmental Science; Business, Management, Administration, Finance, and Economics; Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science; Engineering and Medicine; Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. You may participate as panel organizer, presenter of one paper, chair a session or observer.

S G E M 2016

The 16th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference & EXPO
S G E M 2016
28 Jun - 7 Jul, 2016
Albena Resort, Bulgaria

We are happy to announce the 16th edition of the SGEM International GeoConferences  that will be held in the period of 28 June - 7 July, 2016 at Albena Resort, Bulgaria. We have already started the preparation of the next issue of the conference. You are warmly invited to come and join us!

SGEM Conferences are well known and recognized as one of the most prestigious events in the International Scientific World. Extremely proud of its great scientific achievements, high impact factor and successful international recognition.

SGEM Conferences cover all areas of the GeoSciences, with a total of 27 scientific fields. All accepted articles are published in the Conference Proceedings and yearly is submitted for evaluating and indexing by ISI Web of Knowledge, Web of Science, Thomson Reuters, ELSEVIER products, SCOPUS, CrossRef, EBSCO, ProQuest,Google Scholar, Mendeley, CiteUlike, CrossRef Citedby Linking, British Library.
International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference




Yokohama, Japan on 26th June to the 1st of July

The 26th Goldschmidt Conference will be in Yokohama, Japan on 26th June to the 1st of July. We welcome scientists from all around the world to join us for what will be an exciting conference covering all aspects of geochemistry and related fields.
Yokohama is easily accessible: it is just 30 minutes from Tokyo by train. Both Haneda and Narita airports have frequent and convenient public transport links to Yokohama making it simple to reach from any major international airport. An international program committee will ensure that the key advances in all our disciplines will be presented. We hope you will join us in 2016.


20-23 June 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria

The terrifying natural disasters in the past few years have affected almost all continents and resulted in huge human losses and material damage. Environmental disasters happened in a lot of areas. Due to this the engineer geological conditions are being changed. As a result the construction of new geo-protective facilities, now require huge geotechnical and financial resources. Unfortunately, even the richest countries were not prepared to avoid the consequences of such accidents. The joint efforts of engineering geologists,  geotechnical specialists and government organizations is crucial in these critical situations. We sincerely hope that this Symposium will contribute to the development of international cooperation and the sharing of solutions in the fight against natural disasters.

    ™History and Geography of the Latest natural disasters
    ™State Policy for Protection of the population from   Disasters
    ™Engineering Geology investigations in Disaster-Struck Areas
    Hazard and Risk Assessment in Disaster – Struck Areas
    Projects and constructions in Disaster – Struck Areas
    Case studies. Conclusions and Recommendations.

Восьмая международная Сибирская конференция молодых ученых по наукам о Земле

Восьмая международная Сибирская конференция молодых ученых по наукам о Земле 
с 13 по 17 июня 2016 года

Научная программа конференции предполагает проведение кратких лекционных курсов и семинаров ведущими специалистами по разным направлениям геологических наук. Выступление молодых ученых будет проходить как в устном, так в стендовом формате. Во время работы конференции предполагается трансляция заседаний всех секций по сети интернет.
Официальный язык конференции – английский. Все представленные материалы будут опубликованы в сборнике тезисов.
По окончании работы конференции участникам предоставляется возможность принять участие в полевых экскурсиях по Горному Алтаю и Северо-западному Алтаю. Во время этих поездок желающие смогут ознакомиться с минералогическими, петрографическими особенностями этой складчатой области, а также проследить геодинамическую эволюцию центральной части Центрально-Азиатского складчатого пояса.

Подробности на сайте Восьмой международной Сибирской конференции молодых ученых по наукам о Земле .



2nd International Scientific Conference GEOBALCANICA 2016
10th to 12th June 2016
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
The Second International Scientific Conference GEOBALCANICA 2016 has a goal to gather and connect all geographers from Balkan Peninsula and wider, who are invited to present their original scientific articles, which will be published in electronic open access Conference Proceedings.
All accepted papers of International Scientific Conference GEOBALCANICA 2016, will be published in E-conference proceedings with International ISSN number (1857-7636), registered at: Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from CROSSREF.
The Proceeding will be submitted to ISI Thomson Reuters for review and indexing.
In addition the proceedings will be indexed at Google Scholar.


Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет
6-9 июня 2016

В Институте наук о Земле СПбГУ будет проходить Шестнадцатая международная молодежная научная конференция «Школа экологической геологии и рационального недропользования» (ЭКОГЕОЛОГИЯ -2016).
К участию в конференции приглашаются студенты, магистранты, аспиранты и молодые ученые, занимающиеся вопросами геоэкологии и экологической геологии. Кроме того, планируются лекции (заказные доклады) ведущих специалистов в области экологической геологии.
ЦЕЛЬ ШКОЛЫ «ЭКОГЕОЛОГИЯ - 2016» - обмен научными достижениями в области геоэкологии и экологической геологии между ведущими преподавателями и научными сотрудниками Российских вузов, учеными академических институтов страны и студентами, аспирантами и молодыми специалистами, для
распространения современных теоретических и практических знаний в области разработки экологических принципов и методов охраны и реабилитации окружающей природной среды.


Chapman Conference on Currents in Geospace and Beyond

Chapman Conference on Currents in Geospace and Beyond
Dubrovnik, Croatia
22-27 May 2016

Join your colleagues for the AGU Chapman Conference on Currents in Geospace and Beyond.
The main objective of this conference is to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental physics of electric currents in space plasmas and to give an up-to-date look on where research on currents stands: What are the new analysis methods? What do we know? What are unanswered questions? What else is needed to make progress?
The conference will address electric currents in various space plasmas, including:

    Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere
    Planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres, other than Earth
    Solar atmosphere and solar wind, including the heliospheric current sheet

For more information, visit the conference website.

7th IWRM Conference

7th International Water Resources Management Conference
Bochum, Germany, from May 18th to 20th 2016.

Detailed information is available at the conference website: http://iahs-rub.hydrology.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/
The conference brings together experts from different countries and expertise to present their research ideas and discuss challenging questions of modern water management. This meeting, part of the series of IWRM conferences organized by ICWRS series is focused on spatial aspects of water management.

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